Hello data-hungry decision makers!

Welcome to my blog. I’ve covered the world of data and data-driven-decisions for more than 17 years. I joined Constellation Research in 2015 after 30 years in the world of publishing. Over that time the media business has been gone online and been transformed. Today there more demand for splashy, click-driving content than there is for really in-depth coverage, and that’s a big reason why I’m now an analyst.

Through this blog and through my research published at Constellation Research Group, I plan to cover how data is being used to drive decisions. I’ll examine how leading brands and organizations are reimagining their business models and gaining a much deeper understanding of customers by blending and analyzing new and existing forms of internal and external data. This leap requires a multi-disciplinary approach starting with information and orchestration technologies, and continuing through to business intelligence, data-visualization, and analytics.

This world of data technologies and decision processes is very familiar to me having spent the last five years at InformationWeek, where I led analytics, big data, business intelligence, optimization, and smart applications research and news coverage. Previously I focused on analytics, business intelligence, database, data warehousing, and decision-support at Intelligent Enterprise.

The world of data-driven decisions is moving fast, with trends and technologies quickly evolving and offering new approaches to old problems. Stay tuned to my blog for updates on what technology vendors and practitioners are doing to make the most of information.

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