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Monthly Archives: September, 2015

Cloudera Introduces RecordService For Security, Kudu For Streaming Data Analysis

Cloudera announces access control layer and columnar storage engine for Hadoop. News analysis from Strata + Hadoop World 2015. It’s going to be a big week for big data as … Continue reading

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Tata Consultancy Services Analyst Day: What Stands Out?

TCS says it’s now among the top-four in consulting and business process services in terms of brand recognition. Here are three ways TCS differentiated itself at its annual analyst day. … Continue reading

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Salesforce IoT Cloud Awaits Thunder Real-Time Engine

Salesforce is promising low-latency data processing for real-time apps, but don’t expect to hear the ‘Thunder’ until Dreamforce 2016. Salesforce announced the IoT Cloud Powered by Salesforce Thunder this week … Continue reading

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Salesforce Makes Wave Analytics More Accessible, Affordable

Salesforce has revamped its Wave Analytics Cloud to embed insights directly into CRM, but the real winner for customers will be a bevy of new, pre-built sales, service and third-party … Continue reading

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Alteryx Does Self Service, Big Data Processing, Too

Alteryx Analytics 10.0 brings self-service data prep and analysis to high-scale platforms with in-database processing on Amazon Redshift, Cloudera Impala, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, Spark and Teradata. Can analytics … Continue reading

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Hadoop Progress Report: 3 Emerging Use Cases

Hadoop is gaining acceptance as an essential enterprise data platform. Here’s a look at  three emerging, business-driving use cases that go beyond IT cost savings. It has been nearly six years … Continue reading

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